There are many great Builders and New Home Construction specialists in Montgomery County.

Below, are a list of builders and new construction specialists RealtyPLUS has had the pleasure of working with. Click on each name to learn more about that individual builder.

Remember that if you have signed a contract with a Realtor and you visit a new construction community and look at Show Houses to let the Sales Person know that you have representation. It’s always a great idea to give the Sales Person one of your Realtor’s business cards.

The Sales Person at a new build site represent the Builder. They do not represent you, the Buyer. While it may seem that you will not need a Realtor if you’re buying a new build property, having someone who is looking out for your interests when it comes to price negotiations, off-spec requests, repairs and negotiations, is invaluable. Your Realtor will guide you through the ‘blue tape’ process, which is when the property is inspected after it is built.

Anna Ryan RealtyPLUS love new construction homes just as much as resale properties. Buying a new home is exciting and as a client-focused, customer-centric Team, we’re here to help!